Wednesday, March 16, 2011

its 2011. wow.

decided to write a new post, havent done it in quite awhile, you can guess :) i read back all my posts, well atleast most of it, and realized most of it was garbage. pure sedih-emosi-tergugat stuff mixed with wierdly ecstatic bull. I realized that i was so full of myself. i mean. really really full of myself. really really really really really really full of myself.
o Allah, always make me free from ignorance and always make me concious of Your Grace and Your Ilmu and Your Almightiness Enthroned and The Coming of the Day of Judgement and O Allah, make me someone who will always work, ibadah and strive for good deeds to achieve Your Mercy in the hereafter, ameen.

If i were to read what i wrote from someone else's website, i would probably click the 'X' button or just change the link. Somehow, i did like all my 'emotionally bermasalah' posts, cos it didnt have much garbage in them. heh, i deleted all the rest, i think i didnt bother to delete the old posts in the first place because i was 'holding on' to my 'old' self. Now, there's only 14 left out of 60( 64, or is it 67?) posts, delete spreee, heehe. dont think im holding on so tightly now, though im not sure if i should keep all 14 of it, i wouldnt mind deleting ALL. HEHEH. anyway, next week we have exams, and i just spent roughly three hours + wasting time on the internet and tv._.

and still alhamdulillah, things are going well, i am able to study and i should go do it NAAAAOOO!. hehe, semangat la, isnt ilmu amazing, we should always fight for it, search for it, and look out for it. I mean ilmu yang bermanfaat lah bukan yang tak berpatutan dan yang merosakkan akal minda. i should do karangan now or smthg, neeh and i just spent almost 3 1/2 hours wasting time, plus, i should take my own advice -.- bye

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