Wednesday, June 24, 2009


don't you love those moments with a friend and you have silent moments but its not awkward. no, its not. its a peaceful silence, as if you can just look at that person in the eye and somehow you understand. you wont need words to elaborate & just watch and see. see that person, whoever it is maybe it's your mother, a relative, a best friend, a friend and maybe a stranger. just to look in their eyes and understand. i rarely have those moments but when it does happens, i cant stop smiling, because i know that i will have that someone in my life and i appreciate God for giving me such BLESSSS


These past few days i feel like a time bomb. i could blow up any moment now. TICK tick. the time runs. i wonder when will that be. i rest my case.
as to those i didn't acknowledge as much, i'm sorry. as to that, i wish i could light up a bit at the time being but i'm just a bit tensed up ever since school started. i rasa pusing bangeeettttt!

i'll take a deep breath, say my alhamdulillah's &
peace yall :)


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