Thursday, March 17, 2011

emak dan bapa!

A man came and said, "O Messenger of Allah, who among people most deserves my good companionship?"
He said: ‘Your mother.’
He said, ‘Then who?’
He said: ‘your mother.’
He said, ‘Then who?’
He said ‘Your mother.’
He said, ‘Then who?’,
He said: ‘Then your father.’

Read those words hunnay, "most deserving of my good companionship". Doesn't she deserve it? She does. My good companionship, what does that mean? It means being sweet and kind to her, help her, talk to her when she looks upset (make sure you say the right things though because if you don't.. heeh). After this, we'll be leaving for university or college and we'll live with new flat mates, maybe for 4 to 6 years, probably forming strong bonds with our new friends. Yet, i've lived with my parents for almost 17 YEARS. It is kind of absurd to think about it. It really is, when we look back, it seems pretty 'normal', but just imagine if you were to live with a group of people for 17 YEARS, wouldnt you guys be tight like the jeans you bought two years ago heh. I probably spent most part my youth just being a heck of a horrible child to them. Countless of times, i've been ignorant to them, why did i do that? For what ultimate purpose? I remember just doing it for no absolute reason other than to just annoy them and to let go of my frustrations -.- Which is ironic because, didn't it just cause frustration?

OAllah, let us always give our good companionship to our parents. AMEEN.
anyway. id like to thank the peeps, lol i love spell check. heh

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